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Frank and Flor Gant
Frank's Bio Page
My Biola Classes
Essay: Christian Motorcyclist Association
Essay: Christianity's Core Beliefs
Essay: Mideval Church and State
Essay: Old Testament Narratives
Essay: Paul's Use of Military Imagery in 2 Corinthians
Essay: Peddlers for Profit

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Iesus Christos Theou Uios Soter

Hi family and friends, I made this site so Flor and I could keep in touch with everyone. Come back every so often and see if something new has popped up!

Since I last updated this site, I've graduated with High Honors from Biola with a MA in Intercultural Studies, moved to Duvall, WA, and start classes to get a ThD from Southwest Bible Seminary.
But, most importantly, Flor and I adopted Reagan from China in Aug 04!  She's beautiful, very smart, and athletic.

Reagan at 3 yrs old



Flor in a Filipino shop in LA


Want to get in touch? You can send me e-mail at: