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Frank and Flor Gant
My Biola Classes
Frank's Bio Page
My Biola Classes
Essay: Christian Motorcyclist Association
Essay: Christianity's Core Beliefs
Essay: Mideval Church and State
Essay: Old Testament Narratives
Essay: Paul's Use of Military Imagery in 2 Corinthians
Essay: Peddlers for Profit

Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies

Fall 03 
Peoples of China               A 
Applied Anthropology           A
Christianity & Culture         B+
Interterm 04
Cultural Setting of the NT     B-   
Spring 04
Cultural Continuity & Change   A-
Theology of Missions           A
Intercultural Communication    A-
Summer 04
World Religions                A
Peoples of Ethnic America      A
Language and Linguistics
                               GPA: 3.7
Fall 04
Dynamics of Religious Experience
Urban Research & Ministry
Profiles in Missionary Biography
Patristic & Medieval Theology
Biola's Grading System:
Letter   Description          Numerical Value        Grade Points
A           Excellent                       96-100                        4.00
A-                                               94-95                         3.67
B+                                              92-93                         3.33
B           Good                             88-91                         3.00
B-                                               85-87                         2.67
C+                                              82-84                         2.33
C           Average                         78-81                         2.00
C-                                               75-77                         1.67
D+                                              72-74                         1.33
D           Passing                         68-71                         1.00
D-                                               65-67                         0.67
F            Failing                           0-64                          0.00

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